Waxing Services

Our waxing services are priced by the treatment area and performed by our Master Estheticians. Please allow 10 to 14 days of hair growth in any areas that have previously been shaved.

Abdomen $15
Arms (Full) $40
Arms (Half) $30
Back $40
Back (Extended) $50, also includes neckline and shoulders
Bikini $30
Brazilian $50, priced the same for both female and male clients
Chest $25
Chest (Extended) $45, also includes the abdomen and optionally the underarm
Eyebrows $20
Face (Full) $40, includes eyebrows, nose, cheek, lip, chin and ears
Face (Partial) $20, eyebrows not included
Glutes $25
Legs (Full) $55, feet are optionally included
Legs (Half) $40, feet are optionally included
Neckline $15
Underarm $20

We use the finest hard and soft waxes to provide excellent results with the least discomfort for those with sensitive skin. Our facilities are clean, and we follow strict sanitization procedures between each session.