Mark Hanson, LME

mark-hansonLicensed Master Esthetician (since 2014)
Licensed Massage Therapist (since 2013)

Mark Hanson was previously an organic chemist who worked in an environmental analytical laboratory.  He has been a massage therapist since 2013 and has several specialties.  Immediately after graduating from UCMT he took an Equine Massage Therapy course and is currently a Certified Equine Shiatsu Massage Therapist (CESMT).  He also took a course to become a Modified Structural Massage therapist, where he uses bars, vibration, and his feet to help the body return to its proper alignment.  For several years he has been a Master Esthetician.   After obtaining his Master Instructor license he started teaching Esthetics.  Mark is excited to join the myriad of incredibly talented therapists and estheticians at the Massage Center.

Esthetics License: 8642974-1109
Massage License: 8642974-4701